Jeweller targets new market with West Bridgford store


High-end jewellery retailer Stuart Thexton hopes to reach a new market with the opening of Emilia Ryan Jewellery in West Bridgford.

Emilia Ryan Jeweller has opened in Central Avenue with a variety of stocking ranging from £10 to £600. Piece including design silver jewellery, diamond adorned pieces, engagement rings and wedding bands.

While Thexton originally planned for the new business to complement his Stuart Thexton Jewellery store, which he opened at The Exchange shopping arcade in Nottingham 10 years ago, the retailer has decided to solely focus on the new store following a struggle to bring in customers.

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Thexton has blamed lack of turnover and the store’s forced closure on lack of promotion for the centre.

“The West Bridgford shop wasn’t set up to replace the store in Nottingham and I had no intention to close it whatsoever but I was under pressure, there was a lack of turnover and it got to the point where the business was that bad it became unsustainable,” Thexton told the Nottingham Post.

With lower price items, Thexton believes he will be able to attract footfall for Emilia Ryan Jewellery.

Emilia Ryan Jewellery is named after Thexton’s children and has its own unique identity.

“The West Bridgford shop has been doing really well. What I didn’t want to do is just recreate Stuart Thexton Jewellery in West Bridgford – I wanted to create something completely new, with a new brand, concept and product,” Thexton continued to tell The Nottingham Post.

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