After month-on-month growth throughout 2020, Guardian Brands has revealed it will release its new 2021 collection in February.

Before more information can be released on that launch, however, Professional Jeweller will take a look at the thoughts of some of Guardian Brands’ partner retailers, regarding the products and services it provides.


Hellen Molloy, owner, Forum Jewellers

“We have been delighted with the launch of Angel Whisperer at Forum. The product, marketing support and passion from Guardian Brands has insured the first month of sales has exceeded our other best- selling brands and judging by customer response it will continue to do so.”

Jo Stroud, owner, Fabulous Jewellers in Leamington Spa

“We had stocked Engelsrufer for a number of years through its previous distributor, but sales had really slowed down for us. Since Stewart Arvan took it on, under his Guardian Brands distributorship, the brand has gone from strength to strength.

“Even during lockdown 2.0, we had some strong sales online, and since re-opening, the Power Stones collection in particular has been flying. In the short time since the store re-opened, sales are up by 182% on the same period last year.

“Stewart has been enormously helpful in refreshing our stock and helping us rebuild our collection; as well as in his commitment to making our displays as strong as possible.

“Back when we were still able to hold events, Stewart also supported us in person at our customer events, and helped to generate a good level of interest and excitement in the brand. I think it’s a great collection for current times.”

Jo Bourne, general manager, TA Henn Jewellers

“We have recently launched Angel Whisperer in store and have fallen in love with all the products and collections.

“The story behind the brand and the collections really helps our customers make that emotional purchase, and all the support that Stewart and his team give us with display and marketing means that the brand has already received fantastic feedback and sales. We look forward to continuing the success.”

Emma, owner, ES Jewellers

“Engelsrufer has always sold well for us but since it has been re-branded to Angel Whisperer for the UK market the sales have improved considerably and our customers love the sentiment behind the brand.

“Since Stewart at Guardian brands took over the  distribution we could not be happier with the service.

“He and his team are always so attentive when it comes to customer service and will bend over backwards to offer as much support as he can with bags of enthusiasm. I would recommend this brand to anyone considering taking it on.”

Carla Vickers, manager, Grace & Co

“We took on the Angel Whisperer brand earlier this year. It was nice to find a brand that felt a little bit different.

“It’s been a tough year and we’ve been closed more than we have been open, but Angel Whisperer is one of our success stories.

“We have found that people like jewellery with meaning. Engelsrufer speaks to their spiritual side, but is still highly wearable.

“Our customers love the chime and seem to find strength and comfort in it. We are told by some that they ring the chime like a worry bead to calm them.

“Angels and angel wings are a popular design. Again they seem to give people a feeling of wellbeing and security. Customers often choose Guardian Angels in memory of someone they have lost.

“It has also been a popular gift for children heading off to university – people like to feel that their guardian angel is looking over them and their loved ones.

“Guardian Brands have been efficient, open and honest. They support us with sell through as well as sell in and are keen to offer help and advice. We are very happy with how the brand is performing and the service we receive.”

Sue Pope, partner, Goodwins Jewellers

“Since Stewart has taken over the UK distribution of Engelsrufer the brand has gone from strength to strength.

“The first and most important change that Stewart made to the brand was its name, from Engelsrufer to Angel Whisperer. Previously, our customers would come into the store and just point to the Engelsrufer display as they were worried about mispronouncing it.

“Stewart has worked with the existing retailer network to tailor a core range to the UK market. He’s also updated the POS and packaging to turn the brand around from being an item that was purchased in the event of a loved one’s death to a collectable range that customers buy into and now make repeat purchases.

“We also now have access to all of the brand assets from product images to social media posts.

“I always felt that the Engelsrufer brand had great potential. Now with Guardian Brands we are able to realise this.”

Tanita Merchant, owner, Merchant Jewellers

“As an independent jeweller, we like to provide brands that are different and unique in their own way. Jewellery should represent meaning and diversity.

“Angel Whisperer from Guardian brands certainly has all of this, each collection provides a different look and meaning to the wearer. We are very particular and like to select each piece of jewellery ourselves so it tells a story.

“We love brands who adapt to this and work with us to grow the brand together. Stewart and the team work with us and support us through all aspects including providing marketing materials and support with social media which helps us to grow together.

“Their service is a reflection upon how we provide to our customers, personal and consistent and nothing is too much.”

Linda Wilkinson, owner, The Linden Tree

“We have been delighted with the Angel Whisperer brand since introducing it to The Linden Tree in late June.

“Stewart is an enthusiastic and professional person to deal with. He has given us lots of advice and his suggestions for display and promotion of the jewellery range has made an enormous difference to our sales.

“It is early days, but we are already seeing increased interest and with Stewart’s continued input and help, we are looking forward to a successful partnership with Guardian Brands in 2021.”

Amanda Dinatale, owner, Style Accessories

“We are a small independent boutique and have stocked Angel Whisper for several years now. It has always been a popular brand for us but since Stewart and his team have taken over, the service is exceptional.

“We have lots of support and there is always a personal touch. Nothing is too much trouble and the product is a pleasure to sell as it’s easy to match a piece to the customer as each piece has lovely sentiment behind it. I highly recommend Angel Whisperer and the team behind it.”