As jewellers prepare to reopen their stores on June 15, the Government has said that future lockdowns will most likely take place on a targeted micro level.

As part of the test and trace system, which has been rolled out in England and Scotland today, retail businesses and schools may be asked to lockdown on a local level if a “flare-up” of coronavirus cases is detected.

It is hoped that as England begins its road to recovery, with officials stressing that they understand that people want to see loved ones as soon as possible, the Government will be able to lift blanket lockdown restrictions and move towards more localised, targeted measures.


For jewellers, this could mean that stores will have to shut once again for a limited period of time if a spike of the infection is detected in the area they trade in.

Additionally, with the test and trace system, jewellery firms will have to make allowances for staff members that get asked to self-isolate for 14 days if the system detects they have been in contact with someone showing symptoms.

Discussing how the test and trace system will have a local impact, rather than a national one, Robert Jenrick told the BBC: “That enables us then to take action in that place which will be restrictive on the individuals who live and work there… but as a result of that we’ll be able to provide greater freedom to millions of other people across the country, enabling us to continue to ease the lockdown, ease the return to school, to work and to the daily activities that we all want to get back to.”