Jeweller’s no-show sales lift £134k from customers

John Nutall banned from becoming a director for five and a half years.

A Chester-based online jewellery retailer has been disqualified from acting as a company director for five and half years after leeching customers and credit card companies out of almost £134,000.

John Nutall of Nuttals of Chester Limited was found to have taken payments for goods he knew, or ought to have known, he could not provide. Nutall was investigated by The Insolvency Service who found that he had caused unreasonable risk to his company but continued to trade.

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Nuttals of Chester is said to have taken payment in advance for jewellery products over the internet which it then failed to supply, leaving customers to claim their money back from their credit card providers.

Nuttals of Chester Limited went into liquidation on 21 June 2011, with losses of more than £268,239. It is understood the business owes customers and credit card providers at least £133,953.

The Insolvency Service’s head of investigations Robert Clarke said: “The disqualification order made in this case sends a clear message to other company directors that if they run a business in a way that is detrimental to either its customers or its creditors, they will be investigated by The Insolvency Service and removed from the business environment for a long time.”

An online forum on the website Money Saving Expert includes posts from a number of disgruntled Nuttals of Chester customers, some of whom had bought wedding rings and fine jewellery from John Nuttal that never materialised.

One comment on the site dated by a user called Garryb56, dated May 2011, reads: "I purchased a ring as a Christmas present and was quoted 10 to 14 days delivery. After six weeks and numerous phone calls they informed me that the ring was discontinued and I would be refunded.

"Over the last four months I have lost count of the number of phone calls I have made to this company, most unanswered, if I leave voicemail or email they fail to respond. On the rare occasions I have managed to speak to anyone, they have blamed PayPal although I didn’t buy the item through PayPal, then they said they had a new accounting system in place and the refund would be with me the second week in April… Frankly I don’t believe a word of it."

Nutalls of Chester is said to have cancelled its membership with the British Jewellers’ Association in 2011.



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