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Jewellery brand hopes to cash in on mother-daughter bond with new collection launch


U.S jeweller Ri Noor is to launch a new brand that ‘celebrates the special bond between mothers and daughters, with the debut of Evaness by Ri Noor.

Designer Shibani Shinde Patil has created 60 charms and pendants made in 14k gold and accented with diamonds, precious gems, or inlays of malachite, lapis, onyx and more.

Evaness is named for Patil’s daughter Eva, and the suffix speaks to the “ness” in togetherness, closeness, kindness, happiness, and other words that encapsulate a larger theme of connection.

“Evaness gives the seasoned collector the chance to share her passion for jewellery with the next generation,” says Patil. “And it’s not just for mothers and daughters. We love the collaborative collection concept for siblings, cousins, and close friends. Anyone can use our charms to create a tapestry of moments and memories, stories and wishes to be worn and enjoyed in the moment and treasured for years to come.”

Patil has focused the launch collection on symbols that lend themselves to ‘unique and personal interpretations,’ from hearts and stars to suns and clouds.


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