The World Platinum Investment Council has forecast that China’s platinum jewellery consumption will rise by 13% in 2021.

A growing number of jewellery businesses are leading the charge, making use of platinum instead of the more-expensive gold, with some exclusively working with the metal.

One such brand is Le Vian, a New York headquartered, family-owned jeweller with fans including Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, and member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.


Le Vian CEO, Eddie LeVian, said: “Platinum lasts for generations, and it is stronger and more resistant than gold, making it a meaningful choice to mark life’s special moments.

“We have chosen platinum as the Metal of the Year for 2021, because I believe it will rise in popularity against a backdrop of soaring gold prices.

“At Le Vian, we have proudly continued our family commitment to innovation by investing in creating our own platinum alloy which guarantees maximum durability.”

Meanwhile, Lucky Metal is a new, eco-conscious jewellery brand which prices its platinum jewels in direct relation to the live price at which platinum is trading.

Founder and CEO of Lucky Metal, Dovi Friedmann said: “Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and more durable, and I believe platinum is on the cusp of reclaiming its rightful place in the hierarchy of precious metalIs.

“Now is a historic opportunity to buy platinum because its true value is not fully appreciated. Thanks to platinum’s increasing use in hydrogen fuel cell technology run electric cars which use platinum in their catalytic converters, platinum’s price is likely to continue to rise.

Photo by @consciouscurating

“The Lucky Metal Tag, akin to an army dog tag, is a beautiful new take on a talisman to treasure – it has platinum’s ringed atomic symbol with 78 dots proudly holographically laser inscribed onto it and is an individually numbered, tactile jewel, made from one ounce of pure platinum, minted and stamped like a precious metal bar created as a store of wealth, and priced according to the live rate at which platinum is trading.

“The Lucky Metal Tag is produced in South Africa, home to 80% of the world’s platinum and 80% of the world’s rhinos, which is also why Lucky Metal donates 10% of profits to The Rhino Orphanage. Every Tag is created in South Africa and delivered with minimum carbon footprint.”