Jewellery brands should differentiate content on Instagram to boost engagement, report states


Jewellery brands should differentiate content on Instagram in order to resonate with consumers on a category-by-category basis, according to a new report.

The report by Gartner L2, a global consultancy that helps brands work across digital platforms, says that brands tend to offer products in multiple subcategories and that differentiation was vital.

It says that a third of all analysed jewellery brand posts were images of rings, and that these posts lead engagement relative to other product types.

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Across ring subcategories (bridal and non-bridal), customers engage most with images of products displayed in tight close-ups on a model’s hand, with these posts driving higher engagement compared to product flatlays.

However, despite these posts yielding better results, the report revealed that currently only one-third of all ring posts featured such imagery.

Pomellato embraced this type of imagery — 38% of the brand’s ring posts featured products displayed on models in close-up shots — resulting in the brand’s leading engagement in the non-bridal rings category in 2018.

Across other jewellery subcategories, product flatlays outperform other image types, with a 12% engagement lift relative to on-model close-ups in the bracelet category.

Bracelets drive the second-highest engagement overall, but brands post about bracelets 64% less frequently than rings.

This provides brands with a white-space opportunity to differentiate themselves on Instagram while competition heats up in the rings space, the report says.

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