Jewellery Casting Scotland is a small, progressive company based in Scotland offering casting services for jewellery workers, from tiny one-off producers to large scale companies.

The company is also prepared to take on all types of finishing work – thanks to special delivery, geography is no handicap.

CAD/CAM holds no mystery for Jewellery Casting Scotland, and although this work is not carried out in its workshop, the company collaborates as a very close team with a designer and printer to produce pieces of a very high standard; designs flow slickly between the expert team.


The company casts in nearly all precious metals, as well as a range of non-precious such as brass, bronze and copper.

It pride itself on its accessibility and the team will happily discuss, advise, and chat through projects with customers.

The company has an easy-to-navigate website, a straight forward charging system, and is always prepared for a challenge.

01583 431 683

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