Company claims customer placed order, customer cries unauthorised lift

The Jewellery Channel has reportedly taken £1,400 from a customer’s card without her authorisation, after she purchased one item and enquired about another.

Nicole Davis told the Mirror that she has purchased one item and then called to enquire about a second. She later found that £1,400 had been charged to her card for the item.


Davis told the paper: “I didn’t authorise them to debit my account for the second item but they’ve taken £1,400. They keep promising a refund which doesn’t materialise and I don’t know who to turn to."

It is not clear whether Davis was sent the product she had enquired about, but The Jewellery Channel has said that it has a telephone recording regarding the disputed item in which Davis clearly order the item.

The Jewellery Channel said: “There is absolutely no question that it was merely an enquiry from her."

Davis has since asked to hear the recording but has apparently been told it does not exist.

The company is said to have been prosecuted by Trading ¬Standards in Windsor and Maidenhead in 2008 for selling pink topaz which turned out to be clear topaz that had been coated with pink paint.