Jewellery consultant Helen Dimmick has announced ‘Annie’s Legacy’, a jewellery resizing, remodelling and recyling service that will donate 15% of all profits to East Cheshire Hospice.

The hospice, Dimmick wrote on her website, cared for her grandmother until her death in 1994.

Dimmick recalled inheriting her grandmother’s love of jewellery: “At weekend visits I’d play with her treasure box full of costume jewellery – the decorative effect and fun we had dressing up together was priceless,” she explained. “Nana also loved precious jewellery; having worked in a mill all her life she saved and appreciated the finer things in life. Accompanying her to antique fairs I recall her keen eye spotting a bargain or unusual jewel.


“By far the most important piece of jewellery to her, however, was her wedding ring. Sadly she was widowed at an early age, but the love and memories contained in this simple 22ct yellow gold band meant that when I inherited the ring, to date it is the most precious thing I own.”

On top of the remodelling, recycling and resizing services, Dimmick’s network of workshops will also create bespoke jewellery items.

She concluded: “In her name, and in the appreciation of the care she received, I want to give something back to those who have lost a loved one and those who supported us in their care.”

Dimmick also hosted this week’s NAJ Live virtual event, which can be watched below:

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