Jewellery historian and expert Carol Woolton has started a podcast exploring the relationships that her guests have with jewellery and capturing new trends in jewellery design.

Ms Woolton – contributing jewellery director at British Vogue and the author of five books on antique and historic jewels – said her ‘If Jewels Could Talk’ podcast is “for people who love jewellery, for people who never knew they liked jewellery and for anyone wanting to find out interesting nuggets of information”.

For the initial episodes of the show, she has spoken with legendary costume designer Ellen Miojnick about the jewels on Netflix’s Bridgerton series and discussed legends, myths and bad stone juju with Stephen Webster and Jeffrey Post of the Smithsonian Institute, home of the Hope Diamond.


She has also interviewed Victoria Brynner – daughter of Academy Award winning actor Yul Brynner – and god-daughter to Elizabeth Taylor about 50s glamour style jewellery and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer to the Kardashians and a host of other Hollywood stars.

“My podcast is an extension of what I’ve done for years through the mediums of magazines and books, which is tell engaging stories about jewels,” she explained.

“I’ll be delving back and forward over four centuries of jewellery history looking at trends and we encompass jewellery into our lives as well as what’s happening next in new paradigms of jewellery design.

“We will show jewellery that we talk about on our website and Instagram but it doesn’t matter that the podcast medium isn’t visual because the stories around jewellery are so compelling, and the jewels will be the starting point to discuss past eras, forgotten histories, romance, lost fortunes, revolution, precious stones and personal histories and new fashions.”

Reflecting on quickly how the jewellery industry will bounce back from the impact of Covid-19, Ms Woolton said: “Jewellery has proved to be very resilient through the pandemic as we as people have a deep-rooted primal urge to decorate ourselves, particularly in times of trouble and threat when small rituals like wearing jewellery become even more important – as do our close relationships which we’ve been celebrating and acknowledging with meaningful pieces of jewellery.

“It is no surprise that the trend has been for bold and bright colours which can lift spirits and be life enhancers.  The landscape is looking very dynamic with new technological innovations, social media opportunities, a rise in direct-to-consumer retail and e commerce shopping boom and lab-grown stones engaging the young Gen Z generation in the market.

“Plus jewellery brands are producing more genderless styles as they react to changes in gender identification. Like I said, jewellery always reflects how we live and jewellery is more a part of our style than ever.

Asked who her dream guest for the podcast would be, she said: “Well, I guess Elizabeth Taylor would have been the dream guest as her collection and sheer love of jewellery would have been fascinating, but I had the next best person for my first episode which is her god-daughter Victoria Brynner, who spent her childhood trying on the jewels and loaning them and shares so many interesting stories – taking us inside Taylor’s vast jewel closet while she decides which one to wear and her life-time jewel obsession which was rivalled only by her love for Richard Burton.”