IBB Amsterdam’s country manager on her all-woman team.

As part of our Jewellery Girls Rule issue for July, Professional Jeweller heard from 21 females leading their sector of the UK jewellery industry about the challenges of today’s business, making their mark and their inspirations. We speak to Judith Lockwood, country manager for IBB Amsterdam, on her varied role and her irreplaceable all-woman team.

Professional Jeweller: Tell us about your role as country manager for IBB Amsterdam
Judith Lockwood: I am now in my fifth year with IBB Amsterdam and the role, challenges and opportunities continue to grow which is a great thing. I run the UK business, including the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar, and everything that happens within this market comes across my desk. I do work very closely with the IBB Amsterdam team as we are part of the IBB Amsterdam family and they are our colleagues. Ultimately the choices and decisions that are taken are either suggested or promoted by me. The company respects the fact that in working here that my team and I know the UK the best. I manage the UK IBB Amsterdam team, an all-women team as it happens, and in turn all of the business, our retail partners, branding and relationships that we are fortunate to have here. The development of the UK market is down to my team and me. If I have an idea then the team have to be behind it for the idea to work and to be put into practice – they are a great sounding board due to their experiences and skills and are not backwards in coming forwards.


We are currently working with two silver fashion brands, Ti Sento, which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, and Mi Moneda which is new to the UK market and has started exceptionally well with had a great London Jewellery Show at Somerset House. We also have a beautiful range of generic silver called Fashionable Silver that we offer to our retail partners too. My role also expands to working with our worldwide colleagues at BaselWorld, Inhorgenta and also in helping to set up and train the US network of Ti Sento retailers. There is no job description; the role is anything, everything and anytime and I love that challenge.

PJ: Have you ever faced any challenges as a woman in a role of leadership in the jewellery industry?
JL: Having started in the watch industry over more than 20 years ago and having also worked within the motorcycle and motor racing world I would say I’m pretty immune to challenges. A challenge can come from anyone another woman or a man. I believe in treating people as you expect to be treated yourself and I would say that this generally deals with any challenging situation. We live and work in such a politically correct world these days so it is water off a duck’s back. My view is try not to take it personally and don’t look for retribution.

PJ: You have a great team of women that you work with through IBB Amsterdam; what is the secret to the team’s strength?
JL: I am so lucky to work with such an amazing team of women. I knew each lady was ‘the one’ before they were interviewed. Each person is different from the other – they are all different to me. They all bring unique ideas, energy, skill, personality, humour and commitment to the business. We fit together like a jigsaw. Individually each woman be it Carol, Lisa, Emma-Louise, Micaela or Becci stands on their own, but together we form I think something very special. They all look out for each other, our retail-partners and friends in the trade. My team are incredible. I am proud of them and they keep me in line. I think I manage them but I’m pretty certain it’s the other way around. You know when we are in a room together as the noise level and laughter is clearly audible – you know the IBB Amsterdam team has arrived!

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