Ari D Norman commissions artist to create anti-racism artwork.

London-based jewellery manufacturer Ari D Norman has commissioned a local artist to paint the facade of the company’s Wembley headquarters with urban art inspired by race issues from past Olympic Games.

The murals depict the 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team murdered in 1972, Tommie Smith and John Carlos who stood for the Black Power movement at the 1968 Olympics and sprinter Jesse Owens who raced at the 1936 Olympics.


The company’s chairman and managing director Ari Norman said: “These three illuminated panels form a permanent 24-hour reminder of issues and events which should never be forgotten.

“Argenta House is located immediately opposite Stonebridge Park Station which serves both the Bakerloo underground line and the Silverlink overground line [so] thousands of people view this thought-provoking urban art weekly and we have received many requests for background information and a great deal of positive support for the spirit depicted.”

The company has said that the interest in the murals has resulted in the decision to produce informative plaques for passers-by to read.

Norman’s son, who runs a socially-aware fashion label, contacted a friend of his, artist Abe Sesay, who spent two months creating and completing the artworks.

Norman told the Jewish Telegraph: “I wanted to do something likethis for two years. I believe in the true original sprit of the Olympics of fair competition among all races and all nations.”