Jewellery mogul fails to win £250K investment from Lord Sugar

Charles Burns

Manchester-based businessman and jewellery mogul Charles Burns failed to win Lord Sugar’s £250k investment on entertainment programme The Apprentice.

Last night (Nov 22) 24-year-old Charles Burns, who is the third generation owner of a family jewellery retail business Burns Jewellers, was sent home by Lord Sugar after a shock triple eviction.

Lord Sugar showed the contestants no mercy in last night’s episode, and gave three people the boot after they failed to impress in a doggy daycare task.

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Burns finally had his time as Project Manager, after being shot down by his fellow contestants every time he put himself forward, but as his fellow contestants feared, he didn’t manage to lead Team Vitality to victory. In fact, on the clips shown on TV he didn’t manage to lead them, at all.

Shots from the task showed him, in the words of mentor Karren Brady, Burns “sitting back and letting everyone else do all the work”.

As his team got stuck in pampering dogs in a spa, cleaning up puppy poop, and making phone calls to secure sales, Burns just stood on the side telling other people what to do, but not getting stuck in himself.

In the board room Lord Sugar said: “Charles – nice enough fellow but, just like the dogs, you seem to lay around and do nothing.

“I’m looking for a business partner who leads. I don’t want a consultant telling me after the event why my investment has gone down the pan. So I wish you the best of luck, but Charles, you’re fired.”

After hanging on by a thread, Charles Burns exited the show on Week 8.

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