Jewellery pundits praise Olympic torch design

While others liken it to a wastepaper bin or cheese grater.

 The Olympic torch for the 2012 Games has been unveiled, and has received positive feedback from the jewellery world.

Gerald Ratner, founder of high street jewellers Ratners and now owner of Gerald Online has given his opinion on the design – which has already received criticism for being ostentatious – and was surprised to find he rather liked it.

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Ratner said: "I saw the picture and thought it was very nice, very tasteful. It looks like a piece of jewellery and reminds me of a nice design for a bracelet."

Ratner added: "Creating a modern piece is difficult. Everyone likes something antique even if it’s quite ugly."

Jacob Arabo, better known as Jacob the Jeweller, also gave his opinion on the design: "It reflects a sleek and modern architectural design of the current times. It has a very aerodynamic look which is representative of athletic performance”, he said.

"I particularly liked the symbolism of 8,000 holes representing the runners from all around the world," Arabo says. "This is a credible detail and evokes the inspiration needed to build this iconic piece."

The torch was designed by east London-based Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby who said they wanted it to look sporty rather than like a trophy. The pair has described it as “physically light and visually light.”

Crafted in aluminium and coming in at 80cm tall, the design has already been likened to a hotel ashtray, an ice cream cone and – due to its perforated design – a “bling wastepaper bin.”



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