Upcoming espionage action film Charlie’s Angels is set to feature jewellery provided by Chopard.

The film, directed by Elizabeth Banks, is a remake of the 80’s TV show of the same name and will feature a range of jewellery including watches and a ring from its Haute Joaillerie collection.

The ring in question, worn throughout the film, is taken from the Precious Lace Collection, featuring 18-carat white gold set with emeralds and diamonds.


Chopard has also supplied the production with watches like the 18-carat rose gold L. U. C. XPS timepiece featuring a sapphire crystal engraved with wings that reflect the Angels themselves.

Charlie’s Angels stars actresses Kristin Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as the eponymous Angels who embark on an international mission that sees them interact with British acting stalwart Patrick Stewart.