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Jewellery retailers have an opportunity to capitalise on couples celebrating first Christmas together


For couples celebrating Christmas together for the very first time, jewellery is high up on the gift list.

A new study by multiple jewellery retailer, F Hinds, has revealed over a quarter of Brits give jewellery as a first-time Christmas present.

Whilst fragrance topped the charts, jewellery followed closely behind, with 45% of men surveyed admitting to planning to buy a piece of jewellery during the festive season.

Breaking it down, the study shows 47% of respondents from Sheffield would opt for fine jewels for a first-time Christmas gift.

Age wise, those in the 18-24-year-old age bracket are most likely to buy jewellery for their partner (30%), so retailers should take note of millennials walking through their doors during the lucrative trading season.

When it comes to the amount consumers are happy to spend, almost 50,000 people in Glasgow revealed they would willing spend over £500 on their partner for their first Christmas together, while almost half of the UK would spend up to £50.

The majority of British men asked (55%) said they would go over the £50 mark, and well over half (68%) of 25-34-year-olds would clear that figure, too.

The study also revealed quarter of Brits would revaluate their relationship if they received a disappointing Christmas present. So the stakes are high, and jewellers need to make sure they are advising wisely during the festive trading season.


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