Jewellery retailers need to plan social media and marketing campaigns ahead of Christmas


The Company of Master Jewellers’ chief executive Willie Hamilton says jewellery retailers need to be planning strong social media and marketing campaigns for Christmas.

Comparing shopping to entertainment, Hamilton explains that consumers are looking for a show, and retailers need to perform for them.

He says: “Shopping is about entertainment. It has changed. The high street is the stage for you, you are the actors and the actresses in the performance in the lead up to Christmas.”

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“To use the same analogy,” Hamilton continues. “You want to make sure you are a West End success and not the amateur Christmas pantomime.”

Addressing how retailers can prepare their “script”, Hamilton highlights that retailers need to be well stocked and start the preparations now.

Preparations include planning social media and marketing campaigns to build relationships with millennials.

Hamilton comments that although baby boomers are still important and still spending, it is the millennials who are influencing them so retailers need to reach that age group where they are – online.

He highlights that every communication needs a call to action and that emails are “hot” this Christmas. He also says that millennials are teaching retailers that they want to shop in an interactive and as such, jewellers need to respond to that this Christmas.

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