Jewellery retailers have been advised that creating emotional connections all year round – not just at Christmas – with people is key to profit.

A new report offering advice to retailers said that marketing campaigns should look to engage customers and deliver customer experiences that make people feel something before buying.

Marketers need to convey feeling through the latest innovations and technology to create fully immersive, engaging and emotional experiences for customers in-store and online, according to Red Consultancy, who produced the report.


It said: “If brands can master this well, their customers will engage more and become brand advocates, which in turn will draw other people to interact with them too.”

Further to this, the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force next year, will mean that brands will need to take steps to keep compliant with the law and ensure their customer data is secure.

The firm who produced the report expects to see brands taking steps towards this in 2017 from a cyber security point of view, but also start to become more transparent in terms of how they use this data in the first place.

“Marketers will start to enter into conversations with their customers about how they want their data to be used, and where they draw the line. This might be using customer data to retarget them with offers, sending personalised newsletters or competitions,” the report stated.

This, Red Consultancy said, will present retailers with an opportunity to improve relationships with customers, and improve trust between them too.