An armed raid on a Hatton Garden jewellers on Wednesday led to a security guard being slashed in the neck.

The guard sustained the injury whilst attempting to fight off moped raiders and was left with blood pouring from wounds, according to The Evening Standard.

The attack, at A Jewellers, occurred on Wednesday afternoon, with police called to the scene at approximately 2:45.


Video footage has emerged showing the guard as he grapples with a knife-wielding attacker on the lobby floor, while a separate video shows the victim being tended to by police.

Tomasz Augustowski, a 21 year old colleague who was punched in the face during the attack, told the Evening Standard: “They were coming down the last set of stairs. I got hit and he got slashed. He didn’t know what was coming.

He went on: “My friend ripped off their balaclavas so they could be seen by the cameras as they fled. He’s a hero — he ran straight towards danger.”

According to witnesses the raid took place in the firm’s offices, located on the second floor of the same building that was infamously targeted by a gang of pensioners in 2015.

One witness told the Standard: “It just erupted. Two men came in. It looked like they were having an argument with a jeweller and then suddenly they started fighting.

“Someone must have pushed the panic button because a security guard came and then someone pulled out a knife.”

As yet no arrests have been made, with the culprits believed to have escaped on moped scooters.