The Jewellery Valuers Association of the UK and Ireland (JVA) is offering founder memberships to the trade for a limited time period.

The JVA is the only independent organisation dedicated to the valuation of jewellery and allied wares in the UK and Ireland. Membership of an independent professional valuing body is vital where true impartiality is a demonstrable requirement of a valuation, and is a significant benefit on those rare occasions when a valuation is challenged.

Chairman of The JVA, Frank Wood, shares: “We are delighted with the take-up of these very special membership categories, which are highly regarded by both independent and retail valuers who see the benefit of being a member or fellow of a truly independent professional valuing organisation, and who want to demonstrate their commitment by joining this new organisation from the very outset.”


Eligible founder members/fellows can join The JVA for an introductory fee of £150.

The standard membership fee for 2021 will be £350 for valuing members and fellows and valuing specialists, other categories such as student, retired, specialist and international will continue at £150.

These special founder memberships are offered with dedicated logos for a lifetime of continuous membership. To become a founder member/fellow and founder benefactor, applicants are asked to contact Shirley Mitchell at

Applications for memberships for founder member/fellow and founder benefactor will only be accepted until midnight on April 30 2020.

“We wanted to make sure that all eligible valuers have the opportunity to benefit from these special membership categories,” shares Shirley Mitchell, the JVA’s membership liaison. “After midnight on April 30, the founder member and benefactor member categories will be withdrawn and a once-in-a-professional-lifetime opportunity will be lost forever.”