Organisers of Jewellery & Watch have announced that the annual trade show will condense to a tighter four-day event in 2018.

The decision follows extensive feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike, with 100% of buyers stating that a four-day show would not impact their visit, and a tighter new schedule would give their visit greater focus.

An overwhelming majority of buyers and exhibitors also stated that the Thursday would be the best day to release, and so from 2018 onwards, the show will conclude on the Wednesday.


Jewellery & Watch will continue to reinvest in its feature areas and floor design, building on the re-edit and new interior for 2017. An easy-to-use digital planner will also be launched, allowing visitors and exhibitors to arrange meetings ahead of show time, as well as factor in the vast seminar content to take advantage of across the four days.

Significant investment will also be made to bring the strong buying talent to the show, with an enhanced VIP Seasons Club and a bespoke Honours Club in place designed to ensure a premium on-site experience for key industry players.

Partnerships with organisations, associations and media across the jewellery, watch and retail spectrum will also be enhanced to deliver content, calibre and exposure in line with the show’s values.

Gary Wroe, deputy co-chairman of the National Association of Jewellers, commented: “Jewellery & Watch have not only listened to their customers but acted upon one of the major concerns, that the show was too long. Reducing the event to four-days makes perfect sense for all stakeholders.”

Andrew Morton, managing director at WB The Creative Jewellery Group, added: “This is a very sensible move, Jewellery & Watch have listened extensively to their customers and key retailers in the industry. This move will give us a more concentrated and focused four-days at the leading UK show.”

Image: Jewellery & Watch 2017 highlights, J&W Facebook