Jewellery & Watch Birmingham has unveiled that the rebrand ahead of its February 2016 show will focus on The Art of Jewellery.

The rebrand will include a new logo, which made its first appearance in the recently launched website.

The new branding takes inspiration from The Art of Jewellery; with close-up imagery of a variety of pieces, highlighting the texture, detail, intricacy and artistry of the designs. This in turn, provides a gallery feel that artistically captures the sculptural form of the jewellery whilst emphasising the premium nature of the exhibitors on show.


The vision behind the change is to bring together a vast range of exhibitors, combining different styles, all under one roof. The designs have been tailored to suit different buyers with artistic tastes and a keen eye for design and beauty. Ensuring the audience can identify with minimalistic yet strong crafted pieces of ‘art’, the rebranding is confident, clean, refined and edited.

Inspiration behind the rebrand comes from a current swing in the industry towards fashion-led jewellery trends, which have started to make an appearance in fine and precious jewellery designs.

The biggest change is the faceted search. This will allow the exhibitors to tag their products shown on the website, making it easier for buyers to search for specific products using a number of key criteria such as product type, material, stone, occasion and even price point (RRP). This new search system will provide a shop window for the exhibitors.

Phase two of the new Jewellery and Watch website will be the Most Viewed Product Chart and the Wish List functionality. The Most Viewed Product Chart will provide real insights into which products visitors are looking at the most. As the technology evolves across the retail shows, Jewellery & Watch hope to piece together real intelligence on trends and changes within the industry.

The Wish List will work as a virtual shopping basket for visitors, allowing them to add all of their favourite items to the virtual basket, whilst browsing the directory of thousands of the latest products. Visitors can then email the Wish List to themselves and record the desired products along with exhibitor information. This will help visitors locate their favourite products at the show.