Nottinghamshire store targeted for Hearts on Fire and Breitling.

A jeweller in Newark, Nottinghamshire, was raided earlier this week with almost £100,000 of jewellery and watches stolen.

Andrew Michael’s jewellers in the market town of Newark fell victim to the crime in the early hours of Monday morning. As reported in the Newark Advertiser, a number of Breitling watches – the store has a large shop-in-shop space for the brand – and Hearts on Fire diamond jewellery was taken.


Thieves are believed to have raided the shop at about 3am, cutting their way through the front shutters and smashing the door of the store. They raided display cabinets taking items worth several thousand pounds each.

Detective Inspector Brian Foster of Newark Police said: “The shutters were forced and they have smashed their way through the door and into the shop, and attacked the display cabinets. There was nothing delicate about it.

“A large quantity of expensive watches and jewellery were taken. It could be that up to £100,000 worth has gone.

“There were some reports of people in the area acting furtively and we would ask anyone with any information to come forward.”

Foster added that the break-in would have caused a great deal of disturbance and noise in what is a quiet town centre.

The store’s owner Andrew Jones said the number of items stolen and their value was still being calculated, but likened the raid to someone breaking into his front room.

The shop was previously targeted in 2004 when £200,000 of watches were stolen in a daylight smash and grab.