Gold jewels to be sold off for legendary presenter’s charitable trust.

An array of possessions owned by the late Jimmy Savile are set to be auctioned in Leeds this summer, including his famous gold jewellery.

Proceeds from the sale will, which is forecasted to run to “several million pounds”, will be donated to Savile’s charitable trusts, with items in the sale set to include not just his bling but also his tracksuits, a Rolls Royce and a collection of pop memorabilia, says the Yorkshire Post.


The sale is being orchestrated by an auction house of the same name – Savile’s – and will take place at the Savile Hall in Clarence Dock, Leeds, which was named after Savile when he opened it in 2007.

The auction is expected to take place in June, but it still being organised by his charity trustees.

His nephew Roger Foster said: “I am all in favour of the auction as it will help to increase the funds of Jimmy’s charitable trust.

“People collect many things for various reasons and it is nice to think that items that could easily be thrown away might be of interest to people and so help his charity.”

Savile, who hosted the famous children’s show Jim’ll Fix It, was famed for his gold chains, chunky gold rings, diamond-set bracelets and gold watches.