Jochi Nyman passes away aged 76


“Mr Hatton Garden” enriched people’s lives with his benevolence.

Jochi Nyman, the businessman dubbed Mr Hatton Garden for his kindness and advice to many companies operating on the street, has passed away aged 76 after a colourful life in Germany and the UK.

Nyman has been described by Presman Mastermelt, a company he worked for in the 1990s, as “a man who enriched people’s lives” and a well respected member of the UK industry.

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Nyman was born in Breslau, Germany in 1935, prior to the start of WW2. At the age of just four years, his mother pushed him and his twin sister Hanna onto a train and told a stranger, a nine-year-old girl already on the train, to look after the two of them.

Nyman and his sister spent the following years in a series of hostels and homes, looked after by carers until eventually being reunited with mother and brothers in 1947.

At the age of 14 Nyman was expelled from school for smoking which is said to have “suited him fine because he was desperate to become a businessman”, following in the footsteps of his elder brother John.

Despite talk of training to be a chef and food being one of his life passions, Nyman went on to spend a few months as an apprentice watchmaker, before moving starting his own business at the age of 16.

He is described as a natural businessman who loved nothing more than “turning a dollar”, and made Hatton Garden his home. He once told his sister Hanna that the happiest day of his life came when he bought his first car, a Ford 8.

Presman Mastermelt, a company that Nyman joined in the early 1990s, described the businessman as “one of life’s colourful characters, a very kind man who was always ready with a joke or a story to make you smile”.

Nyman was a successful entrepreneur who took pleasure in helping others. Numerous businesses as well as many individuals around Hatton Garden are said to have benefited from his financial benevolence and wise council, which is how he acquired the Mr Hatton Garden title.

Nyman continued to remain a close friend to Presman’s directors and staff, in particular its chairman Robert Davis.


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