John Lewis has already sold out of the main product featured in its Christmas advert, despite mixed reviews.

John Lewis launched its highly-anticipated online this morning, and ‘MozTheMonster ‘ is already trending online.

While the advert has left the nation divided online, with some claiming it to be “heart-warming” and others calling it “bitterly disappointing”, the fact remains that it has already had its desired effect – everybody is talking about it (and no publicity is bad publicity, right?), and the star product has already sold out.


This year’s festive clip tells the story of a young boy named Joe and his imaginary friend ‘Moz the Monster’.

Moz is a 7 foot tall creature who lives under Joe’s bed and keeps him up at night. The two fast become friends, but Joe starts struggling to stay awake during the day at football and while getting his hair cut.

On Christmas morning, Joe finds a hastily-wrapped present that hasn’t come from his parents. Inside is a nightlight, the perfect gift to help send him to sleep.

Said nightlight sold out within a couple of hours of the advert launching on YouTube.

The advert will debut on TV tonight at 9.30pm on Channel 4, during an episode of Googlebox.

If you can’t wait till then, you can watch the advert here: