Independent jewellery retailer Johnny Rocket has relaunched its website and become an entirely online boutique.

Following the closure of its bricks-and-mortar premises in London’s Greenwich Market earlier this year, owner Johnny Rocket has decided to only have a presence online.

With the launch of a new website, Johnny Rocket has also under taken a new brand identity.


“There was a need for our brand of gallery pre internet and even recently, but with the plethora of services available on the net young designers don’t need the exposure we provided anymore,” explains store owner Johnny Rocket. “The advent of the blogging community, social networking programs, and the speed with which those talents can be brought to the world’s attention has made the bricks and mortar gallery redundant.”

He continues: “The pressure of rents, rates, and all the employment and H&S legislation that has been introduced into this country has negated any of the benefits of high street retailing. However, the internet continues to provide the freedoms creative people require , with the craft I am part of visualisation is the key to success. A good image on Instagram or a cracking Vine bring huge benefits at low cost. My recent foray into merchandise creating for the film Brotherhood created huge attention for us through Snapchat because of the association with Stormzy. I benefited from a new younger audience and it was low cost. So I am running at lower overheads on everything.”

Encapsulating classic collections, alongside newly created ranges, the website introduces the diversity of Rocket’s designs and makes them widely available for the first time.

With the launch of the new site, Johnny Rocket introduces Renaiscemento Rose: a signature women’s collection alongside the new androgynous Flame collection. The designer has also relaunched his perennial classic original Swallow and classic 1950s Sci-fi inspired debut Space range with the addition of new designs and pieces.

The past three months have been a whirlwind of creativity for Johnny Rocket, with innovative collaborations resulting in the new website, and these new jewellery collections.

Rocket has collaborated with illustrator Nuno da Costa to create illustrations inspired by the new Renascimento Rose range.

Elsewhere, Rocket teamed up with photographer/ filmmaker Dan Lowe for the visuals of the new site. Lowe has been key in interpreting the results and rendering the visual palette for the website. The images Lowe has created for the shop site are clean and striking, with inspiring set shots for each hero collection.

“I still use the brand’s association with fashion, media, etc. but its simpler and immediate,” adds Rocket. The website is commercial but the images are as always with Johnny Rocket pushing it.

“The product shots have to be clean and simple but all the other imagery is impactful and shot by a young Turk Dan Lowe. There is a set formula for most ecommerce- but I will always use new talent to deliver brand difference, the site is evolving and will involve more forms of media. I am learning as I always have from those better than me.”

Rocket concludes: “It’s as ever exciting and to be honest less pressured, two new collections, two revamps, two film collaborations, and a private view all in five months – it’s been liberating.”