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José Mourinho sports daughter’s new men’s jewellery line


José Mourinho, head coach of Serie A club Roma, has shown support to his daughter Matilde Mourinho’s eponymous jewellery business by wearing pieces from her new men’s collection in two separate Instagram posts.

Matilde Mourinho launched her Matilde sustainable jewellery brand in December 2020.

Now, the brand has unveiled its first line for men after the founder teased that her brand would eventually make the move in an interview with Professional Jeweller earlier this year.

Mourinho, whose father is one of the world’s most famous football coaches, has now worn pieces from the collection in two Instagram posts.

He first posted the below update via his personal Instagram account which has 2.5 million followers, tagging the Matilde Jewellery Instagram page.

Read more about the new Matilde Men’s collection below:

GALLERY: Matilde Jewellery launches debut men’s collection


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