The two largest jewellery manufacturers in the Nordic countries, Kalevala Jewelry and its sister company Lapponia Jewelry, have announced the brand’s have switched to recycled silver as a raw material.

Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry chief executive officer Riitta Huuhtanen says: “We redesigned our supply chain three years ago when we started to use only recycled gold. The outcome was extremely positive, and moving to recycled silver is the next natural step.

“Our entire Kalevala Summer 2015 collection is in 100 per cent recycled silver.  Gradually, recycled silver will be used for all collections.  We manufacture several hundred thousand pieces of jewellery a year, so we are talking about significant amounts of recycled material.”


Kalevala moved to recycled gold in 2012 and this has now been adopted across all its collections.

Eco-friendliness and ethical working principles are at the heart of Kalevala Jewelry’s values.

Huuhtanen adds: “The use of recycled raw materials is both ethically and ecologically the most sustainable way of manufacturing jewellery.  We also take great pride in making all jewellery in our own factory in Helsinki, Finland, as well as being committed to operating in a transparent and honest way.”

Kalevala Jewelry, which is Lapponia Jewelry’s parent company, is the largest jewellery manufacturer in Finland and one of the largest in northern Europe.  The company was established in 1937 by the Women of the Kalevala, who shared a dream – making good jewellery for a good cause.  The company is still owned by the 4,000 members of the Finnish Kalevala Women’s Association, which takes its social responsibilities seriously.