Karma Feeling creates healing crystal jewellery for men

Karma Feeling is offering the power of healing crystals to male customers.

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years and has become a way of life for some, including Karma Feeling fans Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Kasabian guitarist, Sergio Pizzorno.

Until now, the brand has only created pieces for women, but that is changing this year with jewellery made to order for men.

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Each piece of jewellery is made from a selection of natural crystals, with each stone providing individual healing energies.

Combined, the stones have been known to create positive energy that makes you feel good on the inside and outside too, the company claims.

“Karma Feeling creates individual and modernistic jewellery that is tailor-made to complement the wearer’s needs. The charms can be used to create a unique combination, and our original branded pendants add extra drama. The potential healing properties of our crystals have been tried and tested and we encourage customers to give themselves and others the powerful gift of Karma Feeling. It’s not only about how stylish our bracelets look but how good they make you feel,” says owner of Karma Feeling, Gaynor Osborne-Lawn.

“We offer a friendly aftercare service that provides information on renewing the energies in the crystals and an exclusive rebuild service for damaged or broken bracelets,” he adds.




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