Jewellery by Kasun London will be featured in Stephen Spielberg’s new sci-fi film ‘Ready Player One’.

The UK-based brand’s jewels will hit the big screen this March, as its pieces were carefully selected by Oscar award-winning costumer designer Kasia Maimone to be worn by the lead female in the film.

Played by English actress Olivia Cooke, the lead female character named Samantha Evelyn Cook, can be seen wearing the brand’s iconic unique jewels, including the Black Sea Glacier earrings.


Ready Player One, which will be released later this month, is a futuristic film set in the year 2045, something which namesake founder Kasun Ekanayake says makes it a perfect partnership for the brand.

“The futuristic film is set in the year of 2045, and a great compliment for our jewellery and brand,” shares Ekanayake.

Kasun London jewels have previously been spotted on leading models and international icons.

Inspired from his life and experiences, Kasun London creates unique collections which are often playful and sometimes quirky, but always of high quality.