Kat Florence acquires world’s largest zultanite gemstones


Luxury jewellery brand Kat Florence has secured an exclusive collection of the largest Zultanite gemstones in the world.

Following the success of selling the world’s largest ever Zultanite (105ct) at auction in Hong Kong earlier this year, Kat Florence struck a deal to acquire the top eight largest stones in the world.

This rare gemstone comes from a single mine, perched 4,000ft above sea level, deep in the pine forests of the Anatolian mountains in Turkey. The acquired collection of large, flawless gems has been collected and saved by the owners since they began mining the site in 2000.

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Zultanite is a colour changing jewel, earning it the name ‘Chameleon Gemstone’, shifting from bright kiwi and lime greens in the sunlight, to cinnamon and champagne tones in lower light. The bigger the stone the more striking this effect, which is why Kat Florence wanted the largest examples of this jewel.

The Kat Florence Zultanite collection will be released next year.

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