Katie Mullally launches KMM charms collection in Fenwick Bond Street

Designer-maker Katie Mullally is celebrating launching her charm jewellery range in Fenwick Bond Street, including the best-selling Wishbone and Irish Coin lines.

The brand’s offer includes silver and gold-plated silver charm pendants with Buddha, elephant, whistle, yes/no, key and horseshoe motifs.

Mullally explains: “I’m delighted and excited that the KMM charms are to be sold in Fenwick Bond Street, one of the most iconic fashion stores in London.

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“When told Fenwick where focusing on a charm story, I immediately was excited to have not just the opportunity to be stocked, but to be alongside other brands that compliment mine.

It really is wonderful to see people being creative, mixing gold and silver and layering charms, which is exactly what my product is made for. Fenwick have really captured this in terms of the charms they have selected, so it really is a very exciting time for KMM.”



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