Brand tapping into wearable technology trend with new jewellery range.

Yorkshire business Kiroco has been awarded the Best Innovation of the Year Award at the Wearable Technology Conference and Expo for its smartphone interactive jewellery technology.
Its range of interactive bracelets and necklaces can deliver messages between users through a dedicated smartphone app, simply by touching a device to the jewellery.
The ‘Kiroco Touch’ technology means pictures, words or videos can be ‘locked’ into a specific piece of jewellery, ensuring only the owner can view messages. Messages can then be stored and saved in a ‘Kiroco Timeline’, creating a timecapsule of memories for the user.
In an official press release, Kiroco explains: “Imagine on your wedding day receiving a special piece of jewellery from your fiancé, which when you touch it to your smartphone it plays a video of him saying ‘I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you at the altar.”
The range has been created by Nigel Townsend of Yorkshire business Townsend Fine Jewellers. His aim was to add more emotion and sentimentality to jewellery by moving in to the growing wearable technology arena.

To learn more about this patented technology visit or watch the video.