Award-winning jewellery brand Kit Heath Jewellery is feeling confident about the second half of the year following strong online sales and a return to the high street for retailers in the UK and US.

The impact of the coronavirus has been stark, with no area of the trade left untouched,

It has brought out the ‘survival of the fittest’ instinct in businesses as they endeavour to adapt.


Multi/ omni-channel have been buzz words that are now a commercial reality. A reality that company’s risk ignoring at their peril, with the appetite for retailers to offer their customers the same quality of service and ‘experience’ online as instore growing

With the uplift in online sales during lockdown, Kit Heath Creative Director, Katie Nickell believes that consumers will continue to enjoy shopping on the high street but will combine this with a new online shopping confidence.

“We have seen a profound change in consumer behaviour during the Covid-19 lockdown that we believe would normally have taken a generation,” shares Nickell. “Many of our retailers have upped their game in terms of their online presence and we have been able to support this by offering 24/7 access to digital materials direct from our ‘asset store’. Our retailers have free access to download product files (descriptions and dimensions that can be easily added to their websites) product shots, model images and social media content.”

Kit Heath have been operating with a small but agile team in their headquarters and have offered retailers further support with a direct to consumer drop ship service.

“We have been pleased to offer our retailers the facility for us to send jewellery to their customers whilst allowing them to retain the full margin on the RRP,” adds Nickell.

Kit Heath launched SS20 profiles just before lockdown and these will be new to many customers as they are welcomed back in store.

The Kit Heath Blossom collection, created in the brand’s signature style, sees bees, butterflies and dragonflies that are the perfect summer profiles to reflect a newfound closeness to nature.

Retailers can also look forward to new core Kit Heath profiles with additional colour and sparkle for Aw20, followed by a limited-edition selection for Christmas.