Brand to use social media to drive campaign among consumers.

By Craig Heatly

Kit Heath has launched a new collection called Culture, a range of colourful friendship-style bracelets aimed at 18-25 year olds.


The brand is hoping to connect with a more youthful demographic with this latest collection. It says the range allows the wearer to be both individual wearer and make a statement through the layering of the bracelets.

The Culture collection’s bracelets were inspired by the festival wristbands that individuals wear – and in some cases keep on their wrists long beyond the close of the festival – because of the identity that the bracelets give them. The Culture range has thus been designed to be work as singular items or layered on the wrist.

The collection features 30 ribbon and seed bead bracelets, each one finished with a sterling silver toggle.

Kit Heath plans to use word of mouth and social networking media to promote the collection to its target market. Over the next month the brand will be completing and launching a Tumblr blog space, a Facebook page and a Twitter campaign.

Its Tumblr will feature profiles on aspirational individuals such including stylists, female BMX riders, DJs and wakeborders who will be quizzed by Kit Heath on the four notions of “freedom, identity, respect and trust”.

The collection will be available from September with retailer packages starting from £265. Kit Heath recently opened a showroom in the Goldsmiths Centre in London, something it says will allow for better contact with retail parnters in the Southeast.