Kit Heath: We must re-educate shoppers on silver

As brand ups prices boss calls for jewellers to champion silver.

Kit Heath chief executive Jeff Lancaster has declared that silver is “the new 9ct gold” in an interview with Professional Jeweller at The Jewellery Show this week.

Lancaster said that because of the rise in price of silver, it is now more of a precious option than a fashion purchase, as it once was.

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While demand for silver jewellery is strong, Lancaster said that retailers need to re-educate shoppers about silver and explain to them why the price of silver jewellery has increased.

He said: “In the last two years the price of silver has nearly quadrupled. If the retailers are negative about silver then this will get passed on to the consumer. We need them to explain to customers why the price has risen, so they don’t think that it is our brand that has got more expensive – rather, it is in line with what is happening in the market.”

Kit Heath increased its wholesale prices in January, reflecting the rising cost prices of silver.

At The Jewellery Show the brand unveiled its latest collection, a range of bead-inspired bracelets called Beachcomber. The bracelets feature collectable silver and gold vermeil pebbles in a variety of organic shapes and a mixture of finishes.



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