Six lab-grown diamond companies have signed up for a pilot program that will audit their environmental, social, and governance performance.

If these firms pass, their diamonds will be certified by SCS Global Services as sustainably grown.

This comes just days after the Diamond Producer Association’s CEO claimed “no lab-grown diamond producer uses renewable energy”.


Many have argued this is not true, with British brand Lark & Berry vowing to have launched the world’s first diamonds for engagement rings made in the UK with 100% renewable energy, however it is widely agreed that many man-made stone firms are making sweeping statements about their ethical nature, without having any proof that what they are saying is true.

In this new pilot programme, commissioned by the newly formed Lab-Grown Diamond Council, only individual diamonds will bear the certification, after they have been tracked and traced from grower to the retailer. This means a centre stone may carry the SCS certification, while the shoulder stones don’t. This is also the case with many certified natural diamond products.

The pilot will involve four growers —Green Rocks, Goldiam USA, Lusix, and WD Lab Grown — as well as two retailers, Helzberg Diamonds and Swarovski.

“These are companies that want to do the right thing,” Stanley Mathuram, vice president for SCS, tells JCK Magazine. “The message they are giving now is, ‘We support sustainability, and here are our practices to prove it.’ This won’t be just about how these companies compare to mined diamonds. It’s about each company’s own practices and how they measure up to a transparent standard.”

This is just the start of the Lab-Grown Diamond Council helping the growing manmade stone trade have the same accountability as natural stones.