Award-winning lab-grown diamond jewellery brand, Lark & Berry, has launched a new podcast called ‘The Diamond Disruptor.’

At the heart of the podcast, which will have interviews with professionals from all walks of life from the luxury goods industry, the British brand wants to help listeners learn about the diamond market and discover how lab-grown stones fit into everything.

The aim to educate and open up discussions about sustainable luxury.


Brand founder, Laura Chavez, says: “Lark & Berry, since its inception just over a year ago, has always been just as much about spreading the word of sustainability with our promotion of cultured diamonds.

“Our new podcast is meant to educate and inform on why cultured diamonds are such an important emerging, sustainable option in diamonds—just the same as mined diamonds in every way and at times even more superior in quality, not to mention the more environmentally responsible option.”

Lark & Berry’s podcast is free and can be found on all major music/audio streaming platforms.

Episodes podcast will be a regularly released as an ongoing series featuring luxury industry commentary and reporting.

“We want this podcast to be accessible to those who want to learn about the diamond market—with particular focus on where cultured diamonds fit into everything,” adds Clark Watts, broadcaster and content writer, who will host the Diamond Disruptor podcast.

The podcast host adds: “I’ve been working for Lark & Berry for just over a year, and I’m new to diamonds and the luxury industry. I’m still learning about luxury. And I’m still learning and investigating how sustainable interests, like cultured diamonds, are becoming increasingly important in the world of fine jewellery. This podcast is both for people who want to learn right along with me and for industry vets to keep tabs on what’s going on out there.”

The first episode of the Diamond Disruptor podcast features exploration of where lab-grown diamonds are at in today’s luxury market and how new shopping-geared tech figures in.

These themes are explored through a wrap-up of Lark & Berry’s experience exhibiting for the first time at JCK Las Vegas 2019. As such, the first episode features interviews with JCK magazine editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky, diamonds industry marketing analyst Liz Chatelain (MVI Marketing) and a leading brand strategist from leading lab-grown diamond firm, Altr created diamonds.