Lack of customers biggest threat to 49% at UKJC


CMJ members say footfall is main concern at UK Jewellery Conference.

Retailers at this year’s UK Jewellery Conference hosted by the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) stated that a lack of customers is the biggest threat to their businesses, after sharing their views in a digital vote.

Each conference attendee was given an electronic voting pad allowing them to share their opinions in real time.

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When asked what the biggest challenge facing their businesses were, 49% of CMJ members pointed to a lack of customers and falling footfall, while 23% admitted a lack of robust industry data on buying and selling trends was holding them back.
19% said business rates were their main concern, with just 9% pointing to security issues.

Conference attendees were also asked how recently they have undertaken a major or total shop refit with 49% saying the past year, 28% in the past five years, 9% in the past ten years and 14% more than ten years ago.

Following Engaging Service consultant Andrew McMillan’s presentation, guests were asked how they would rate the customer experience achieved in their stores. A confident 24% voted excellent, 47% declared their service good, 27% admitted it was in need of improvement, 2% said poor and 1% terrible.

In addition, when asked if retailers considered their business to be a brand in its own right, 89% said yes, 10% said no and 1% admitted they didn’t know.

Finally, when asked how important fashion trends are to retailers making buying decisions, 29% of voters said catwalk trends were crucial to their understanding. 54% expressed an interest in fashion trends, compared to 10% who said they only took a passing interest. Just 7% said the world of fashion is totally irrelevant to their business.


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