Tiffany & Co offered Lady Gaga the opportunity to wear one of its rarest stones on the red carpet at the 91st Academy Awards.

Earlier this year the superstar provided a preview of Tiffany’s prestigious Blue Book collection, and now she has stepped out in the company’s cushion-cut, 128.54ct yellow diamond, featuring over 82 radiant facets.

This 141-year old stone ‘Tiffany Diamond’ is one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world, and was last worn by Audrey Hepburn during the Breakfast at Tiffany’s publicity photoshoot.


In fact, before Lady Gaga only two women have ever worn the Tiffany Diamond. Mrs. Mary Whitehouse wore a lavish necklace set with the diamond for the 1957 Tiffany Ball in Newport, Rhode Island; and Audrey Hepburn wore a Jean Schlumberger necklace of diamond ribbons surrounding the diamond in publicity photographs for the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

For the 91st Academy Awards, a white diamond necklace adorned with the Tiffany Diamond was fitted specially for Lady Gaga. The red carpet piece comprised of 16 cushion-cut diamonds of over 80 total carats and 46 round brilliant diamonds of over 15 total carats.

The Tiffany Diamond has only been worn by two women prior to Lady Gaga taking it on the red carpet.

“The chance to work with such an amazing piece of design and history is a creative dream come true,” says the star’s stylists Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout. There are so many beautiful jewels in the world, but the radiant Tiffany Diamond, which weighs over 128 carats, is truly exceptional, which is just so fitting for Lady Gaga.”

The Tiffany Diamond, considered among the most important gemstone discoveries of the 19th century, was unearthed in 1877 in the Kimberley Mines of South Africa. Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the rough diamond the following year in a bid to solidify the brand’s reputation as a diamond authority.

The rough stone was brought to Paris, where Tiffany’s chief gemologist, Dr. George Frederick Kunz, supervised the cutting of the diamond into a modified cushion-cut brilliant weighing 128.54 carats with an unprecedented 82 facets—24 more facets than the traditional 58-facet brilliant cut. The stone is just over an inch wide and seven-eighths of an inch from top to bottom. Cut to enhance its beauty and radiant coluor rather than size, the diamond sparkles as if lit by an inner flame.