Independent jeweller, Laing Edinburgh, has celebrated its 175th anniversary by paying tribute to Laing’s diamond legacy with a striking one-off 175 diamond necklace, valued at £175,000.

This piece offers 447 round brilliant cut and pave diamonds set in platinum with a dramatic double diamond drop. An original and one-off work of art, the 175 is an investment with a design that’s timelessly elegant with a contemporary twist. Inspired by nearly two centuries of master craftsmanship, the design is simple yet elaborate.

Taking nine months to create, 175 encompasses the most intricate of details, from the finest of diamonds all set within Laing’s Edinburgh in-house workshop to the blend of old and new with a diamond cross-over section at the centre and innovative clasp engraved with 175 which opens onto the year 1840 with the ‘O’ as the pin buckle hole.


Whilst the 175 name was inspired from the 175th anniversary, it also holds symbolic meaning paying homage to the Laing legacy with 1 piece, inspired by the 7 most loved ladies of Laing – the family’s wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters – and created by Laing’s 5 most experienced specialists.

Michael Laing OBE comments: “Diamonds are a specialism and passion of Laing Edinburgh and a necklet is one of the most dramatic ways to showcase these precious stones. We brought together five of our diamond, design and craft experts blending their skills and workmanship to create one spectacular, symbolic 175 creation, the most meaningful piece we’ve ever designed.”

This dress piece features some of the world’s most superior cut diamonds including a two and a three carat single diamond on a theatrical pendant drop, weighing a total of 25 carats. All of the diamonds were chosen by Michael and Richard Laing from their long-standing diamond cutters in Antwerp.

Michael continues: “We like to have fun during the design process, whilst celebrating the allure of diamonds. Our personalities are weaved into the design of the necklet, which has been infused with special, surprising touches:  the delicate clasp is engraved with 175 and the year 1840 inside with the pin hole positioned within the date and a mixture of settings and fine detailing with pave set diamonds generate movement and light.

“The 175 is one of a kind, it is a celebration of our heritage. Everything we have been and everything we are now. It embodies Laing’s legacy of passion and love, passed down from generation to generation. It combines time-honoured traditions with modern techniques, the finest hand-selected diamonds with an exquisite and original crafted design.  I’m so proud of our team. We’ve created a glorious diamond piece that’s truly unique and relevant today. It’s a balance of beauty and innovation, that’s elegant and graceful, true to its Scottish design roots and will stand the test of time.”

Commenting on the craftsmanship of the 175 piece, Laing’s head designer Sarah Alexander adds:

“This unique necklet encompasses the old with the new, the classic with the modern, reflecting Laing as brand and recognising how far we have come. There is a drama and depth to the necklace, which encapsulates how special and significant this fine jewellery is. It was a challenge to bring all these different elements together, resulting in this very exquisite and inspiring piece of art.”

The 175 will be on show at Laing Edinburgh’s new store on George Street from late autumn.