Parkhouse, the luxury family jewellers, has announced a store move from Above Bar, Southampton, to the new luxury corner in Westquay. The move coincides with a re-brand from Parkhouse to Laing and is a significant milestone for this leading sixth generation jewellery business. Pictured: Laing Chariman, Michael Laing OBE, (left) and his son Richard Laing, who is Director of the family business, in Southampton to officially make the announcement. They are standing infront of the WestQuay Shopping Centre. Picture: Chris Balcombe/FREE for use in all media

Laing the Jewellers will be moving to a more prominent position in Hampshire.

Following the news that the company’s Parkhouse stores will be rebranded to Laings the Jewellers, the retailer has announced the Parkhouse Hampshire boutique will be getting a home as well as a new name.

Laing the Jewellers Hampshire will be relocating from its position outside on Above Bar, to a more luxury store inside Southampton’s West Quay shopping centre.


While Above Bar has served the company very well throughout the years, as the city has undergone major redevelopments and Michael Laing feels West Quay is a better place for the store to be going forward.

Laing shares: “We’ve been growing consistently and one of the things you have to ask is – how do you survive the generations? You survive the generations because you are relevant to your day and you accept change, and you make the right moves and don’t just hold on to everything as it was. Accept when the markets change.”

“In Hampshire there have been great moves in the city, changing the centre from what it was, and we now feel the time is right to move to an environment that is going to be more in tune with our customer based in Hampshire,” Laing shares. “So we are embarking into West Quay, which is one of the UK’s top shopping centres.”

West Quay has changed a lot over the last couple of years, almost doubling in size. The city is also spending more money over the next few years to further develop the shopping centre.

Laing is pleased with the way West Quay has been developing, and says it’s now the home of more like-minded retailers.

“Most of all the roads in Hampshire lead to Southampton and with the easy parking it is just going to suit our customers so much more than our current site, which has kind of been left out in the cold as the city has moved,” continues Laing. “In Southampton I’ve been looking over a period of time where would be the best place to relocate and we feel we have found it. While it is only about 200 metres away, that in city terms is huge between what’s hot and what’s not. Our store here has not been slipping, but it has not been growing as well as we have found elsewhere. Particularly in the last couple of years, it’s become pretty clear that we could do so much better for our customers if we were relocated to West Quays. So it is all about the future.”

The store, which should open in September, will be adjacent to John Lewis and Russell & Bromley in West Quay.