Coming off the back of its 180th anniversary last year, jeweller Laings is set to invest £10 million over the coming two years.

This is part of a bid to transform a number of its key retail sites around the UK in a bid to entice the country’s jewellery and watch buyers.

The first city to benefit from an updated Laings store will be the Welsh capital, with Laings pledging to treble the size of its existing Cardiff store.


With work already underway in Cardiff, an autumn unveiling is expected.

Updated showrooms in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Southampton will all follow in the coming 24 months, Laings confirmed.

Such expansion will also necessitate the growth of the company’s team by as much as 25%.

Stuart McDowell, retail director at Laings, said: “The expansion in Cardiff is in response to our client’s enquiries – catering to the watch collectors of Wales who might not have Laings at the forefront of their minds now, but hopefully they soon will.

“The showroom is right in the heart of the capital city and our expanded presence means we can give the brands we represent the stage to shine.

“No longer will Cardiff clients need to travel outside their home city to access these brands, they can enjoy having them on their doorstep – with Laings.”

In a trend seen in other corners of the industry in recent months, Laings will also afford customers a peek behind the curtain at its watchmakers and goldsmiths in the new stores.

Laings CEO, Joe Walsh, said: “The workshops create a special experience for our clients.

“Not only will they be able to talk to the watchmakers and see them at work, they’ll also be able to attend events where they can gain a deeper insight into the craft – taking watches apart, seeing how the mechanics work and putting them back together.

“People are looking for experiences now and that’s what we want – to deliver a new form of retail that captures the imagination of our clients.”

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