Laings is ratcheting up its focus on sustainability as it begins to reopen stores across the UK.

The company is battling back from the lockdown by launching a contemporary summer campaign to mark the changing of the seasons, including the showcasing of an exquisite selection of diamond jewellery.

Sally Alobaidi, head of marketing, explained: “Sustainability is a topic that is important to Laings. The everlasting nature of diamonds motivated us to look at our summer campaign from a different angle. I am incredibly proud of the team for creating a modern and contemporary campaign that invests in our planet.


“Many of our materials, including our catalogues and receipt wallets, are already made from 100% recycled material. We want to take this to the next level, and over the coming year we will be building a plan to ensure that we are using recyclable materials as much as possible, as well as working on other projects to promote sustainability.”


The campaign takes inspiration from the ‘promise of forever’ that a diamond makes, with Laings exploring ways to commit to a more sustainable future.

Its window campaign, featuring thousands of flowers and petals shaped as hearts, are all made from 100% recycled paper.

Laings now has three stores in Glasgow and one each in Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff, as well as a prominent online presence.

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