Images from the Your Moment campaign.

Laings of Glasgow launched its latest campaign, Your Moment, in its store window last week (Nov 12).

Your Moment celebrates the wonderful moments in life, a moment someone shares with someone else, a moment that will last forever.

Capturing those special moments between two people Laings of Glasgows’ campaign images are set to provoke emotion from the viewer with a follow up television campaign to bring the campaign to life.


Laings have showcases a collection of rings, necklets, bracelets and earrings within the campaign.

Laings believe each item from their range is a precious item to be cherished throughout the generations. The ethos of the company is in the words of Stuart Laing “everything we do is for a memorable occasion”.

The Your Moment campaign is currently in the Laings store window and their 2015 advertisement will launch on November 22 across Glasgow and west of Scotland.