Sami Auvinen has been working for Lapponia since 2007.

Jeweller will create collection under his name for Finnish brand.

By Kathryn Lewis

Master goldsmith Sami Auvinen has been appointed as 2013’s guest designer by Finland’s largest jewellery manufacturer Lapponia.


Auvinen will create his own collection for the luxury silver jewellery brand next year.

This is the third time Lapponia has appointed a guest designer. In 2009, Timo Mustajärvi was chosen, and in 2011 Mari Isopahkala was selected.

Lapponia´s mission is to revolutionise the conservative approach to jewellery design through unique jewellery inspired by Nordic nature. The group’s net sales total approximately €20 million (£16.3m).

When Helsinki was appointed the 2012 World Design Capital, Lapponia invited six of its master craftsmen to create work inspired by the city. Each was tasked with designing and handcrafting a unique piece of jewellery for the competition. The pieces were displayed in Lapponia’s flagship store in Helsinki between June and September and customers were invited to vote on the designs.

Auvinen created a sleek modern necklace reflective of Helsinki’s architecture. The source of inspiration was the mushroom-shaped water tower Vesirousku built between 1976 and 1978 in Helsinki. The 43-year-old goldsmith has been working for Lapponia since 2007.