Finnish jewellery brand spent two years investigating ethical options.

Finnish jewellery brand Lapponia has announced it will move into using 100% recycled gold in its jewellery production, having spent two years investigating a number of ethical options.

Recycled gold is said to have “come out on top” as being the most ethical and ecologically sustainable choice for the company, in a project was undertaken by Lapponia and its sister company Kalevala Jewelry.


Now Lapponia’s gold supplier has created and developed a system to verify that all raw gold material used by the brand is 100% recycled.

Lapponia has also asked its raw material and gemstone suppliers to sign a special supplier declaration regarding their company practices.

To date, all of its main suppliers, accounting for more than 90% of its total procurement, have signed up to follow responsible business practices concerning social, environmental, occupational and product safety issues, as well as social and economic accountability.

Next month Lapponia will adopt the GIA standards for verifying the value of the diamonds used in each piece of its diamond jewellery.