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Lark & Berry inundated with 800 piercing bookings as PM confirms reopening date


Jewellery brand Lark & Berry has reported in excess of 800 bookings for ear piercing appointments in the 48 hours after Boris Johnson’s roadmap was unveiled.

It set a touted 12 April as the date for non-essential retailers to reopen unless the government sees fit to delay the change to its Covid restrictions.

With this move, Lark & Berry will once again be able to offer both jewellery and a piercing service from its Marylebone flagship boutique.

In anticipation of the return of retail, the brand’s head of design, Emily Newman, has unveiled the team’s top five predicted trends for piercing in 2021. She writes:

“Pearls are always in fashion, though for some time, have probably been seen more as a classic item passed down from your grandmother.

“They’re having a major cool renaissance and that’s changed recently with someone like Harry Styles sporting them, as of late.

“At Lark & Berry, we are seeing people layering up their pearl drops, with a longer and more fluid piece in the lobe and a 2nd more classic pearl worn higher on the ear.”

“There is something really fun about swinging tassels from your ears – it’s great to have that motion to your look and certainly is an attention-grabber.

“In these not so fun times, we’re dealing with right now, who could resist!

“At Lark & Berry also find that customers who have less piercings will opt for this trend, as it gives the illusion of more when wearing less pieces.

“Chain pieces in all areas of jewellery are becoming more popular – the transition into a piercing trend is only natural.”

Floral styles in jewellery are always a trend in one form or another, but floral piercing jewellery has only recently become an “it” thing.

“Previously, people were mainly choosing solitaire stones and pieces with dominant clean lines. But around the time people began layering these up; as in wearing multiple piercings to create a slightly edgy style, we started to see more demand for our delicate floral pieces.

“At Lark & Berry, our floral piercings are pretty and almost whimsical in their styling. They create a distinctly feminine look rather than a more edgy urban appeal.”

“There are no do’s and don’ts regarding style anymore. It’s all about the individual – one’s own expression of personality.

“We are seeing this reflected in ear curation. People are layering multiple piercings and even mixing and matching quite different styles.

“Matching piercings in different places, or different piercings in matching places – we’re really seeing it all. It’s great!

“It’s been said you should think of your ears as non-identical twins – they look similar, but not the same – and ears should be curated as such.

“Also, adding charms to existing hoops for a more statement-style versus a more subtle, everyday approach is becoming more popular. Consequently, bolder choices are now more widely available in piercing.”


“This is especially apparent for the girls and guys with multiple piercing holes. We’re seeing an increasing amount of placement of things like little delicate diamonds positioned above hoops, for instance, in any area they may fit.

“As the piercing trend has become more widespread – and more adventurous – so has the piercer’s creativity. Expect to see more and more earrings on ears where you wouldn’t normally expect to see them.

“We’ve seen people utilising our diamond dot labret and marquise solitaire to create an exclamation mark on their ear, as well as layering hoops on the helix and antihelix to create a pattern.

“We never tire of all this artful self-expression, and we love giving style tips to help you find yours if you need them!”


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